So how does the UXPA KC Board Election process work?

Step 1
Two months before the election, voting members* elect a Nominating Committee Manager.

Step 2 (optional)
The Nominating Committee Manager appoints a few voting members* to the Nominating Committee to assist him or her.

Step 3
Voting members* nominate themselves or other voting members* for a Board position.

Step 4
Two weeks before the election, the Nominating Committee presents the candidates for the new Board to the voting members*. Candidates nominated by someone else can either accept or decline the nomination.

Step 5
At the next member meeting, voting members* approve or reject positions that only 1 person is nominated for, and they vote on any position with more than 1 candidate.

Step 6
Within one week of the election, the new Board is announced and reported to UXPA International.

Step 7
Two months after the election, the new Board takes charge for one year!

*Voting members are members of UXPA International – learn more about UXPA International member benefits!