One of the easiest ways for companies to support UXPA KC is to provide space for one of our events. Hosting an event at your venue offers benefits everyone:

  • For UXPA KC, it allows us to continue to run this organization on a tiny budget,
  • For attendees, it keeps the event price very low and allows them to visit different companies in KC, and
  • For the host company, it provides a convenient venue for employees (at the office) and provides an opportunity to promote your company and products.

Event Basics

  • While we entertain any/all ideas, events usually center around networking and a talk or demo;
  • While hosts are encouraged to present, we can connect hosting venues with presenters without “homes”;
  • In the past, host venues have provided light refreshments (e.g., burritos, pizza, beer, etc.) and we can certainly work with folks if cost is a concern; and
  • We do not accept sales pitches during monthly events, however, vendors are welcome to offer a promotion to our membership.

Ready to host? Contact us.

Host FAQs

How far in advance do I need to plan my event?

It depends. Sometimes we are booked up for a few months in advance and at other times we have empty slots available in our schedule. We usually start marketing the event about a month in advance, so that’s when you should have your venue nailed down, and your talk description and any logistical info (e.g., parking) ready. In short, let us know as soon as you know you want to host an event, and we’ll work something out.

How will you market my event?

We’ll market your event via our social media accounts, membership email list, our website, and in whatever way makes sense! You’re free to forward your event to friends/associates/mailing lists, but please don’t spam (it makes everyone look bad)!

Will you co-sponsor/collaborate on an event?

Absolutely. We love to do events that cross disciplines and allow designers, techies, and marketers to mingle.