UXPA KC has strong participation from soon-to-be and recent college and university graduates interested in a career in UX or UCD. Many students have asked if UXPA KC could facilitate interactions with active UX professionals for purposes of learning more about career opportunities and to have a review of their resume for relevance to the UX marketplace. In response, UXPA KC has launched a opportunity to match mentees with mentors and provide insights and feedback about careers in UX.

Our mentors are expected to share information about their areas of expertise and interest. They’ll receive the mentees resume and a request for an hour-long discussion which could be conducted in person or via phone. The meeting would be an opportunity for the mentee to ask questions about working in the field of UX. In turn, mentors provide feedback on the mentee’s resume in terms of whether the content would be relevant to someone considering them for employment in a typical UX role in their organization. The mentor is not responsible for editing or revising the resume – only reacting to the content.

The mentee will provide information about their areas of interest and a copy of their resume which should be tailored to roles in the UX field. After receiving the contact information of a mentor they will be responsible for contacting the mentor to provide their resume and times for a meeting. The meeting will provide the mentee the opportunity to ask questions about working in the UX field and receive feedback about their resume in terms of the relevancy and focus of the content for UX-related careers. Mentees are expected to provide a resume that is well-conceived, edited and professional.

What’s in for you?
Benefits of mentoring

  • Learning things from recent graduates including new tools and concepts in your industry.
  • Gaining leadership experience by helping someone who is new to your field.
  • Building additional professional connections.


Benefits of having a mentor

  • Learning from the real-work experiences of someone working in your career interest.
  • Increase your understanding of what makes someone successful in your field.
  • Receive impartial advice from an experienced professional.


And a Thank You from UXPA-KC:
UXPA KC will host a thank you reception for all mentors and mentees in July. This will be an opportunity to connect with a wider group of UXPA KC professionals and share your experiences and feedback.

Fill out the sign-up survey by April 15th. Here’s the link: https://ethn.io/37895

We’ll match you up by May 1st and you can arrange your meeting time. We hope to have all mentoring discussions completed by mid-June.

Questions? Contact us!