Chapter Bylaws

Article 1: Definition and Purpose

This Chapter is a group of practitioners and students with a shared interest in user experience who live or work in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area. As a matter of geographic convenience, we have organized ourselves to promote the goals of UXPA International cooperatively. This Chapter will engage only in activities that conform to UXPA International’s goals and policies.

Article 2: Operational Relationships with UXPA International

2.1 Membership and Leadership
Anyone joining the UXPA KC site is a Chapter Member. While Membership is open to all, only UXPA International members in good standing are voting members or eligible to be Chapter Officers. All UXPA International members residing or working within the boundaries of the Chapter may voluntarily assign themselves to this Chapter. A UXPA International Member may be associated with only one Chapter at a time. Chapter Members will be encouraged to join and maintain membership in UXPA International. UXPA International offers publications, events, conferences, a job bank, and member discounts on products and services. The Chapter will verify during the election process that a Chapter member is a current UXPA International member before being officially nominated to run for an elected Chapter position.

2.2 UXPA International Contact
This Chapter will:

A. Advise UXPA International and the Regional Lead promptly of its newly elected officers;
B. Furnish progress information on an annual basis and an annual activities report to UXPA International;
C. Verify UXPA International membership status of potential Chapter officers; and
D. Submit an annual financial report to the UXPA International Treasurer.

2.3 Constraints
This Chapter will:

A. Operate under local rules and procedures that are consistent with the governing Bylaws, and operational policies and procedures of UXPA International and the Chapter;
B. Take responsibility for ensuring Chapter officers are Chapter and UXPA International members; and
C. Not own real estate, nor obligate UXPA International to any financial or other commitment.

2.4 Dissolution
The UXPA International Board may by a two-thirds vote dissolve this Chapter when it is satisfied that the Chapter is inactive and that there is no reasonable hope of its immediate revival, or when it is satisfied that such action is in the best interests of UXPA International. Chapter dissolution will not affect UXPA International membership status of the members assigned to this Chapter. Members of this Chapter, if dissolved, can be assigned unaffiliated status or reassigned to another Chapter if such exists in this general region and if they so choose. Upon dissolution, all Chapter funds will revert to the UXPA International treasury, and use of the UXPA name as a Chapter will cease.

Article 3: Operations

3.1 Name
The Chapter name is the User Experience Professionals Association Kansas City (UXPA KC) and can be changed by a majority vote at a business meeting of the Chapter, a quorum being present (Subsection 3.6). The Chapter name will be submitted to the UXPA International Board of Directors for approval, as will any proposed name change.

3.2 Boundaries
The Chapter boundaries include the greater Kansas City metropolitan area and the surrounding counties within both Missouri and Kansas, to be approved by the UXPA International Board of Directors. Any change to the boundaries will be submitted to UXPA International for approval. The UXPA International Board of Directors may change the boundaries if deemed in the best interest of UXPA International.

3.3 Organizational Structure
Chapter membership is represented by an elected Chapter Board of four Leads with powers to take whatever legal and proper actions are necessary for the fulfillment of UXPA International’s purposes (e.g., Communications Lead, Events Lead, Outreach Lead, Membership & Operations Lead, and, in year two, Lead-at-Large, etc.). The Board will meet at the request of at least two members. Three out of four (or five) Board members constitute Board quorum. If the Board decides by three out of four (or five) votes that more than four (or five) officers are required to operate efficiently, it may vote to increase the number of elected officers, specifying titles and duties of such officers. Conversely, the Board may agree by a three out of four (or five) vote to have up to two offices filled by the same individual. Vacancies in the Board are filled by majority vote of the remaining Board members.

3.4 Board Responsibilities
The Chapter Board is responsible for the following core operational responsibilities:

  • Regularly scheduled Member meetings (at least two/year, once every six months);
  • Recruitment of new Members and Membership processing;
  • Monthly or quarterly Meetings of Chapter Board to handle the Chapter’s business;
  • Fiscal controls by means of approved budgets and expenditures, and fiscal operations in accordance with Subsection 3.7;
  • Annual activity reports to the Chapter Board;
  • Annual activities reports and annual fiscal reports to the UXPA International Treasurer. Within 90 days of the end of the fiscal year, the
  • Chapter will prepare and provide to the UXPA International Board of Leads a current financial statement for the fiscal year just ended; and
  • Annual elections conducted by the Chapter nominating committee in accordance with Subsection 3.5.
  • Member communications, Chapter finance, event administration, etc.
  • Once relevant, the Lead-at-Large role is predominantly focused on retaining and facilitating any legacy knowledge between the prior and current Chapter Boards.
  • Role-specific tasks, which may change as circumstances require, as detailed below:

All Board Members – “sets vision for the UXPA KC chapter”

  • Recruits new members and board members
  • Acts as alternate spokespeople
  • Seeks speaking opportunities for UXPA KC
  • Speaks on UX at non-UXPA KC events
  • Assures board resolutions are completed
  • Establishes price plan for events/Members

Communications Lead – “tells our story”

  • Responsible for all general marketing
  • Manages social media content/channels
  • Sets comms strategies across channels
  • Develops/designs website and style guide
  • Manages content and website
  • Communicates with UXPA International
  • Handles all Member communication
  • Manage Membership list and contact info
  • Documents processes, roles, artifacts, etc.
  • Serves as point-person for Media requests
  • Sets tech/tools for all content channels

Events Lead – “education programming”

  • Determines event programming and topics
  • Works with local and national speakers
  • Finds and acquires event space
  • Manages event planning
  • Coordinates logistics and setup for events
  • Sets up technology/AV at event
  • Organizes fun/social activities for Board

Outreach Lead – “advocates UX”

  • Liaisons with Nonprofits, Startups, and Business
  • Organizes NPO project/resource needs
  • Determines pro bono projects/fiscal needs
  • Advocates for UX across KC communities
  • Responds to meetings with potential partners
  • Coordinates attendance to design events
  • Coordinates with other UXPA chapters
  • (Future) Coordinates Mentoring Program
  • (Future) Manages CRM (contacts/donations)

Membership & Operations Lead – “runs the business”

  • Heads Member recruitment and retention
  • Liaisons with local Universities and Schools
  • Manages funds and tracks expenses
  • Creates budget; determines financial needs
  • Creates annual activity and fiscal reports
  • Leads fundraising initiatives
  • Leads Board, Executive, and Public meetings
  • Consults with board members on their roles
  • Coaches and supports board members in roles
  • Helps assess Board performance, set KPIs
  • Prepares minutes from meetings
  • Coordinates Board nomination/election
  • Tallies votes and determines new board

3.5 Committees
The Chapter Board may appoint committees as are necessary to carry out its functions with a chairperson heading each committee.

3.6 Chapter Elections
It is the Chapter Board’s duty to ensure that procedures for Chapter Board elections are carried out properly. Elections should be called no less frequently than every two years, although they may be called earlier based on a three out of four vote of the Chapter Board. The results of the election will be reported to UXPA International and the Regional Lead as early as possible so that new Chapter Board officers can be invited to attend any activities sponsored by UXPA International for chapter leaders. The Chapter Nominating Committee handles the elections. The nominating committee manager, who is a voting member of the Chapter, is appointed by Chapter vote.

3.7 Chapter Business Meeting
There will be an annual Chapter business meeting at which the Chapter Board reports to the Membership and the results of elections are announced, in addition to any other Chapter business. A quorum for transacting business at any meeting is a minimum of nine voting members, of which at least three must be Chapter officers.

3.7 Finances
Chapter funds will be deposited in any banking institution that is a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), or credit unions that are members of the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF), as will be determined by the Chapter Board. The Chapter will operate under a financial budget approved by its Chapter Board. The Chapter Board is responsible for all disbursements; disbursements must be authorized in writing and checks.

3.8 Membership Dues
The Chapter may charge dues which are dedicated to Chapter operations, in an amount determined by the Chapter Board each year. Any dues will be assessed annually.

3.9 Services to Non-Members
This Chapter may charge additional fees to non-members for Chapter events, which may be more than those fees charged to members. However, the amount charged will be reasonable in relation to the benefit derived as well as the relevant population (e.g., students).

Article 4: Amendments

These Policies and Procedures may be altered, amended or repealed and new Policies and Procedures may be adopted by the Leads at any regular meeting of the Chapter Board or at any special meeting of the Chapter Board called for that purpose by a majority vote of the members of the Chapter Board present and voting at any regular or special meeting so long as they are not in conflict with the Bylaws herein set forth. Proposed amendments shall be furnished electronically or in writing to all Leads not less than twenty (20) days prior to the meeting at which time said proposed amendments will be submitted for approval. The Board may adopt emergency Policies and Procedures as provided by the law so long as they are not in conflict with the Bylaws herein set forth.

Adopted on the third (3) day of March, 2014.