Chapter Charter

This charter is made this 3rd day of March, 2014, by and between the User Experience Professionals Association (“UXPA”) and the Kansas City Chapter of the User Experience Professionals Association (“Chapter”).

WHEREAS, UXPA wishes to grant to Chapter a Charter pursuant to which UXPA and Chapter shall become affiliated;

WHEREAS, UXPA and Chapter wish to set forth their mutual understandings and agreements pertaining to the grant of the Charter and the mutual rights and responsibilities created thereby.

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the foregoing and of other mutual promises and agreements hereinafter set forth, UXPA and the Chapter agree as follows:

1. Rights of Chapter. Chapter shall have the right to utilize the name of UXPA in the name of the Chapter, to acknowledge affiliation with UXPA, and to receive all other benefits bestowed by UXPA upon its affiliated Chapters.

2. Relationship. UXPA and Chapter are not and shall not be considered joint venturers, partners, legal representatives, or agents of each other. At no time shall either party act or represent itself to be acting in any of these capacities. Neither UXPA nor Chapter shall have the right or power to bind or obligate the other party in any manner and shall not make, or represent that it has the power to make, any contract, agreement, representation, warranty or obligation, express or implied, on behalf of the other Party. Neither UXPA nor Chapter shall be liable for any act, error, omission, debt, or other liability or obligation of the other party.

3. Bylaws. Chapter shall abide by and promote the purposes and objectives of UXPA as set forth in the most current version of the UXPA Bylaws. Chapter may adopt its own Bylaws (see below) for its operations provided that these Bylaws are not contrary to or inconsistent with the UXPA Bylaws or this Charter. Chapter shall submit all Bylaw amendments to UXPA to ensure compliance with this paragraph.

4. Membership. Members must join UXPA in order to become voting members of Chapter. Voting members are both identified and approved by UXPA and are also members of UXPA. Non-voting members and/or guests of UXPA are also welcome.

5. Dues. Chapter may set and impose Chapter dues on members. Chapter dues are intended to support domain hosting, event promotion, speaker fees, venue fees, food/beverage, etc.

6. Annual Report. Chapter is required to submit an Annual Report prior to the Annual Meeting of the UPA membership at the National Conference, at a time specified by the Chairman of the Chapters Committee. Annual Reports should include:

A. Listing of outgoing and newly elected Chapter Officers and Committee Chairs and;
B. Summary of the past year’s activities, including number of regular meetings, topics, and any special events, such as seminars or trade show participation;
C. A roster of current members, the Chapter mailing list, and attendance lists for meetings and events; and
D. A balance sheet as of December 31, showing the current assets and liabilities of the Chapter and fund balance.

7. Bank Account. Chapter shall establish and maintain its own bank account(s). Chapter shall obtain its own federal employer identification number.

8. Logo Use. The use of the UXPA logo, the name “User Experience Professionals Association”, and the UXPA acronym by the Chapter must always include the name of the Chapter so as not confuse communications from UXPA with those of Chapter.

9. Format of Chapter Name. The distinction between Chapter and UXPA, especially in
communications with the general public, must be maintained. Communication by a Chapter and Chapter Officers or Members, in correspondence, advertising, or other promotional material, must always identify Chapter location: “User Experience Professionals Association Kansas City”, UXPA KC or “John Doe – President, UXPA KC”.

10. Termination. Either Party may terminate this Charter on thirty (30) days written notice. In the event of breach by one Party, the other Party may terminate immediately by written notice. Upon termination by either Party for any reason, Chapter shall cease utilizing the name “User Experience Professionals Association,” the acronym “UXPA”, and the logo of UXPA (all of which are owned completely and exclusively by UXPA) and the Chapter may no longer claim any affiliation with UXPA.

UXPA KC Interim Chapter Board (4)

  • Amanda Woods, Hallmark – Communications Lead
  • Brian Mills, Sprint – Events Lead
  • Jon Kohrs, Federal Reserve of Kansas City – Outreach Lead
  • Willem J. van Norel, Cerner Corporation – Memberships & Operations Lead

UXPA KC Founding Members (29)

  • Alice Kingsolver, Sprint
  • Amy Schweppe, Garmin
  • Brandon Blattner, Sprint
  • Brian Oppenlander, Cerner Corporation
  • Bryan Kearney, Sprint
  • Buck Sommerkamp, Federal Reserve of Kansas City
  • Cale Moore, Hallmark
  • Cary Moody, Hallmark
  • Chris Wallen, VML
  • Christa Minks-Brown, Sprint
  • Dave Berck, Level Five Solutions
  • Eric Diebold, Netchemia
  • Geoff Priester, Level Five Solutions
  • George Brooks, Cremalab
  • Jeff Swartz, Level Five Solutions
  • John Keller, VML
  • Justin Peterson, Cerner Corporation
  • Justin Ruggieri, Garmin
  • Kendell Warner, Cerner Corporation
  • Leah Allen, Hallmark
  • Megan Hopkins, Level Five Solutions
  • Michelle Pabst, Sprint
  • Myron King, VML
  • Naomi Minnich, Waddell & Reed
  • Ron Schroeder, Level Five Solutions
  • Stephen Hassard, Garmin
  • Steven Hoober, 4ourth Mobile
  • Tyler Hilker, VML
  • Van Vuong, Hallmark