Getting Your Ideas to Fly with Your OrganizationGetting Your Ideas to Fly with Your Organization
Business Skills They Don’t Teach You in Design School
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Date & Time:
July 13, 2021
7:00 pm
Justin Eddings

You can create mind-bending interfaces and award-winning designs. You understand how to get at user needs and translate them into something actionable. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll fly with the client or the organization. Whether you’re new to the workforce, managing a team of designers and researchers, or trying to establish a UX practice at a company, there are a wide range of skills practitioners need to master and business realities they have to face.

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Justin is currently a Lead User Experience Design Manager at Cerner. Prior to that he was a Lead User Experience Designer with Sprint.

Throughout his career, Justin has created delightful experiences across many different scales of devices. He has designed lesser-known consumer electronics, mobile devices, and the occasional voting machine. He loves challenges and is willing to stretch his skills to what is needed for the customer. He strives to bring accessible inclusive design into everything that he does. "The objects we fill our lives should be both beautiful, usable, and enjoyable," he says.

Justin's specialties include: rapid prototyping, manufacturing, human factors, accessibility, design for all, accesibility, hardware design, user interface, and design strategy.

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