Job descriptions in UX Research may seem similar, but daily responsibilities can vary – from usability to business intelligence and more. In this conversation, UX Researcher Roxana-Maria Barbu, PhD maps the "UX maturity" of organizations and companies by examining the dynamic collaboration between research and design.
From Usability to Business Intelligence: Mapping the "UX Maturity" Journey
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Date & Time:
October 19, 2023
5:00 pm
Roxana-Maria Barbu, PhD, Founder and Lead Consultant at Research Rendezvous Inc. Speaker's Bio: "I am an avid advocate for the synergy of the physical and digital realms. Coming from a tiny village of less than 150 residents, where black-and-white television was a luxury, I constantly question the rush to elaborate tech as a solution, always emphasizing the importance of digital solutions being firmly rooted in their broader physical context. In my journey as a researcher, working on a product over time nurtured an intimate relationship with teams and the offering itself, while consultancy broadened my horizons across industries and clients."

While “UX Researcher” job descriptions share similarities, the actual responsibilities can vary widely across companies – from usability to business intelligence and more. This diversity often stems from the organization's "UX maturity," though not always. From her experience in both product and consultancy realms, UX Researcher Roxana-Maria Barbu, PhD has worked with clients with many diverse contexts and needs. In this interactive session Dr. Barbu will demonstrate how to map a company's UX maturity through lived experiences. Together we'll explore how the research/design collaboration evolves along the UX maturity curve, providing a practical perspective on navigating UX in diverse organizational settings.

Archived video from this event will be shared via the UXPA Kansas City YouTube channel.

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